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The Carolina TEAM Bag is the flagship full-sized bag in the REVOLUTION line and the bag of choice for many of the world's best players. Tested at the world's biggest disc golf events, the Carolina TEAM Bag offers a proven design, flexible disc and storage capacity (12-16 discs in the main compartment), high-quality MADE IN USA construction, and a level of finish that is unmatched by any other disc golf bag ever offered. In short, the Carolina Edition TEAM Bag is the toughest bag ever designed specifically for disc golf.

With a main body constructed of Dupont's 1650 Denier Cordura and a heavy-duty bottom made of two layers of 12 ounce reinforced truck vinyl, the Carolina TEAM Bag is designed to withstand the day-to-day abuse of the game's top touring professionals and best amateurs. Includes the injection molded REVOLUTION RollCageTM Internal Frame. MADE IN USA

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  • Author: J-Man
    Dave was awesome! Customer service from the word go, accross the country fast! And the bag, well if you want the best...nuff said, period
  • Author: Jesse
    The last disc golf bag you will ever buy! Own one and you will know!
  • Author: J Blaze
    I brown bagged at work for 2 weeks to get mine. Is it worth it?? YES IT IS!!!
  • Author: Dion Garcia
    I finally ordered my first one,its like buying a new car. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!
  • Author: Doug
    Awesome Awsome bag. Just got it in today and is better then I could of imagined. Super fast delivery and great product, highly recommended.
  • Author: Tyler
    Great customer service and the bag is everything that it's cracked up to be!
  • Author: NACHO
    I've gone through several bags in my disc golf career and would have to say that the Carolina bag is the best by far. I would recommend this bag to anyone.
  • Author: BP
    After watching too many friends large golf bags fall apart, I knew I wanted to get a Carolina bag. I will probably use this bag for the rest of my disc golf playing career. I have used it for two full seasons and it looks like new. Don't bother with any other bag, Revolution bags are the best..HANDS DOWN!
  • Author: John
    The best purchase I have ever made!! The quality is un-real, a must have for any serious disc golfer.
  • Author: Shyla
    I love my pink Carolina bag! There's lots of room, and holds all sizes of water bottles. Thanks alot for the fast shipping as well.
  • Author: Jonathan Harbison
    I placed the order a friday, 2 bags and 2 straps. Dave said they would be there Tuesday or Wendsday. They were at my doorstep on Monday... I played disc golf with my new bag on MONDAY! VERY VERY happy with my bag Dave. It couldnt have been any better, top notch service, thank you Dave!!
  • Author: Trey Hall
    Nobody likes to work with annoying kids but Dave answered all of my questions with enthusiasm- I got The Snow/White bag and it is one of a kind. Very sharp and solid. The white does not get as dirty as people think and the white color is not girly at all its very agressive looking. The black straps look very clean on the white bag. Very happy with my order no regrets. Thanks Dave
  • Author: Garrett Graham (gmg35507@gmail.com)
    I received my bag (per request) for Christmas 2008. I had three non revo bags before this one and that was within a year. I love my revo Carolina bag and would buy another one if I ever need to. The durability is by far the best out there. The storage is great and the double drink holders are wonderful.
  • Author: Hallie Gibbs
    These bags are incredible. Even though Dave was out of the office, he made sure to get the bag to me before I went out of town as well! I really appreciated that!
  • Author: mike
    just got mine today. i do a ton of backpacking and know the difference in quality and crap...this bag is the real deal.
  • Author: Justin Hare (jthare12@gmail.com)
    Just received my Carolina Team Bag today. Only took 2 days. The quality of this bag is truly superior to even the elite bags from other companies. I have been shopping for a bag for about a month now and have held just about every kind of bag. Some people compare the gateway bag to the Carolina team bag. I see no comparison. Revolution is the only way to go.

    Customer service was also amazing. I received an email response within 1 minute. Can't beat that.
  • Author: Ben
    This bag is truly made with the best materials and with endurance in mind. There is ample space to fit 12-16 discs inside the bag and put to putters on the outside. I really like the side pockets, I was able to fit my sweatshirt in there and had room to spare! Great product, Dave was a great help also.
  • Author: Kris Hagner
    I've had my Revolution Carolina bag for two years, the zippers are in perfect shape, the bag looks great! Really happy I decided to go with Revolution!
  • Author: Andy Barnett
    I got my Carolina Team bag at the 2006 Am Worlds in Tulsa, OK. The Bag is still in PERFECT Condition.. I mean i could still sell this thing as NEW!! The only bag I will ever have!! Oh I also have two of the Mini bags! They are made with the same quality!! Thank You Revolution!!! PDGA # 18044 normandiscgolfer3@hotmail.com
  • Author: Bill Sherman
    I have played for about 8 years now. This Team bag is the best disc golf investment I've ever made. Thanks Revolution!!!
  • Author: Patrick Hagerty (pjhagerty@yahoo.com)
    I just took my Dual Pack out of the box and it is just what I was looking for! This is my fourth Revo bag (Mini, Texas & Carolina) and just what I need for tourneys. I can carry spare discs, extra towels and still have plenty of room for a jacket. The quality is unmatched! Great communication from Dave as well! Thanks!!!
  • Author: Jeremiah Emrich
    Love this bag has tons of room and is very sexy looking love this bag a great buy.
  • Author: Nick Henderson
    Amazing Quality! Dave was a pleasure to work with! Will continue to rave about Revolution day after day. Truly the last disc golf bag you will ever need to buy. Thanks for a great experience!
  • Author: Brian
    Got mine 2 years ago. Still awesome to the max!
  • Author: Charles S
    I purchased a Carolina bag a few years back when first introduced. After several years of heavy use I am still as pleased with my bag as I was when I first got it. The Cordura has held up extremely well. The fabric has been fairly resistant to dirtying and when necessary has cleaned well. All of the seams have maintained their integrity. The zippers on the bag still function smoothly. The bag's original frame (non injection molded version) has held up very well and remains in use. The only noticeable wear to the bag occurred where the frame contacted the vinyl bottom and began wearing through. Since lining the bag's bottom with another piece of material the wear on the vinyl has ceased. I'm unsure if this would be an issue with the new frames, so my experience may be atypical.

    As a result of my satisfaction with my Carolina bag I just ordered a second Revolution bag and would encourage anyone in the market for a new disc bag to consider one as well.
  • Author: Cody Siegrist (soccerboy112195@sbcglobal.net)
    its a great bag but only if it came in Kansas Blue and White. VP at Winfield High School.
  • Author: Jacob Kroll
    I bought my Carolina Team bag about 2005... its faded, and the plastic cage is broke in one spot (cuz i kicked it).. but there is not one problem with this bag. I play 4-5 days a week, rain, snow, cold, and hot.. and i live in Michigan.. dont waste your $ buying any other bag
  • Author: Ryan Spencer (scuttle627@gmail.com)
    Great ordering experience. Ordered monday morning and received Wednesday!!! And the bag is epic!!! Enough said.
  • Author: Sean Tinlin
    I LOVE my Carolina. While it is a bit more expensive than other bags, you get what you pay for - superb quality. If you're serious about disc golf, put down a little bit of cash and grab a Carolina - it WILL last.
  • Author: Art
    Love mine. Could be better though. Larger main opening and some sort of organizer in the side pockets. Maybe a perpendicular strap on the bottom of the drink holder. Easy grab mini pocket?
    It's been awhile, and there's much much more competition now. Choosing now comes down to the tiny details, like scraping my hand against the zipper to get the disc at the end, I could do without. Phone jostled by keys in the side pocket? Rather not. Tiny things.
  • Author: Chris
    This bag is awesome. Iíve had my bag for about 2 years. If you want a bag that will last look no further. The heavy-duty bottom is great for those days when the ground is wet. I do have issues with the customer service. I sent an e-mail checking on when an item may be in stock. I never heard back.
  • Author: Damon
    I've had my carolina team for 7 years, and it is still going strong with no gripes. If I had to replace it tomorrow, I would go with another carolina without thinking twice. I hope the company can pull itself out of the slump state it appears to be in currently.
  • Author: Matt Tucker
    I wish you had other colors I want a new Carolina bag but not Charcoal.
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