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Flies like an angel

Flies straight as an arrow. Nice glide. Offers every level a great option in the bag. The perfect fairway driver for a straight shot. Flips up nice.

Great plastic and shape

I've been using this as my main FH disc. Has a flat top and this grinder plastic has great grip.

I like the feel of the disk. I Like the plastic. It flies as expected and the weight is right for my old tired arm.

Still working on getting the hang of this disc. I do like a Firebird more than this one though

Great mid range disc. Took some getting used to be able to flick it well though

Very nice disc and feels right in the hand.

The rim was a little too big to throw comfortably for me

First time Gorgon!

Flip flipping fliparusky is what the Gorgon does for you. Find a wide open field and practice throw giant Annie bombers and watch it S curve.

Gateway Diamond Mystic

A perfect compliment to the cobalt mystic. Mystic Diamond Element offers a more stable flight compared to the music cobalt. Both awesome mids!

Paul McBeth Luna

Paul McBeth Luna Putter – the ultimate game-changer in the world of disc golf! Crafted with precision and endorsed by the legendary Paul McBeth himself, this putter is designed to elevate your game to new heights. Here’s why the Luna Putter is a must-have for every disc golf enthusiast:

Unmatched Flight Performance

Perfect Flight Path: Experience a straight, reliable flight with a slight right turn, making the Luna Putter incredibly versatile for various shot types.
Exceptional Stability: The heavier weight of the Luna Putter ensures unparalleled stability, allowing you to maintain control even in challenging wind conditions.
Versatility Redefined

Mid-Range and Putter in One: The Luna Putter's unique design replaces the need for separate mid-range discs and putters, simplifying your disc selection and enhancing your game strategy.
Perfect for All Skill Levels: Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, the Luna Putter adapts to your playing style, making it an essential addition to your disc golf arsenal.
Superior Design and Quality

Paul McBeth Endorsement: Trusted and used by Paul McBeth, a five-time world champion, the Luna Putter stands as a testament to top-tier performance and quality.
Premium Materials: Made from high-quality, durable materials, the Luna Putter is built to last, ensuring consistent performance game after game.
Elevate Your Game

Perfect Weight Distribution: The Luna Putter's weight is meticulously balanced to provide a comfortable grip and effortless release, giving you the confidence to nail every shot.
Spectacular Aesthetics: With its sleek design and vibrant colors, the Luna Putter not only performs exceptionally but also looks great in your disc collection.
Don’t miss out on the chance to revolutionize your disc golf experience with the Paul McBeth Luna Putter. Order now and see why this disc is hailed as one of the best products in Paul McBeth’s lineup. Elevate your game, impress your friends, and dominate the course with the Luna Putter – your new favorite disc for putting and mid-range shots!

200 series is the best putter plastic prodigy makes

Never received order

I’ve had good service from Gotta until now. They use USPS which is very unreliable in my area. I never received my order this time. I won’t be ordering from Gotta anymore.

Laser beam

Pretty straight disc and the z keeps it like that longer :)

Great bag, holds all my discs with plenty of room. Adjustable straps. The zips are sturdy.

Prodigy PA1 750 Series

Great price and fast shipping!! Love buying disc golf products from you guys!! Thanks again Gotta Go Gotta Throw!!

Warped disc

I’ve been throwing it often cuz I love gateway elements but the disc is warped. Maybe it’s the plastic type

Fantastic disc

This is now the most used in my bag, its like the Swiss army knife of discs, alot of versatility in simplicity. It has yet to let me down and never failed to impress


Love this disc

Easy control, great glide

The rim on this disc feels closer to an IT or mid than a fairway driver. Very easy to hold and control for a 10 speed. The numbers play pretty true. I find that throwing it flat gets great glide, healthy turn, and slight ending fade. Fun disc!

Paul McBeth Clinic Rating

It was so fun and cute and the discs were awesome! I want to know what brand of beer it was!


The thing flys forever 6 glide is the truth

Great event!

Everything was quick and easy, the signing was fun and Paul's putting clinic was very informative!

Rollers for days

Sky anna and big time rollers are great with this disc

Big Boy

This disc is the truth if you need big par 4 distance.

2024 Signing & Clinic w/ Paul McBeth 6/19/24

Well organized with things to do between signing and clinic. Food truck was great! Paul was in no hurry with anything so it was a great atmosphere for adults and youth. My boys loved the disc pack they received with the ticket!