Dryve Disc Golf Backpack Retriever Pole Golf Disc Retriever
Dryve Disc Golf Backpack Retriever Pole Golf Disc Retriever
Dryve Disc Golf Backpack Retriever Pole Golf Disc Retriever
Dryve Disc Golf Backpack Retriever Pole Golf Disc Retriever

Dryve Disc Golf Backpack Retriever Pole Golf Disc Retriever


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Product Information

Longer, Stronger, Lighter, Waterproof.
With the DRYVE- DISC GOLF Backpack Retriever you can speed up time it takes getting your disc from tree, fences or water hazards so you can enjoy playing more.

Quick and Easy to use, Light weight and longer than most other retrievers with a narrow replaceable tip for tight branches. The DRYVE- DISC GOLF backpack retriever pole is 18 feet long and weighs less than a pound and can reach overhead up to 26 feet vertically and 21 feet horizontal (arm plus pole).

Not Grandma's Car Antenna
The carbon composite telescoping shaft, is durable and waterproof and the hook tip will eject rather than breaking pole when under too much stress, and is easily replaceable with included extra tips (video below), the simple hook grabber is great for tight spaces and work well in water or any surface. If you can see it you can get it with the DRYVE- Disc Golf Backpack Retriever. (Pole color may vary from photos)

  • Compact 26" when closed
  • Quick extension setup
  • Replaceable tip (less than 30 seconds 2 extra hooks included
  • 18' foot pole, 26' maximum reach overhead, 21ft horizontal reach
  • Lightweight composite carbon shaft (approx. 1lb)
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Helps you get back lost discs, will pay for itself
  • Waterproof, (easily disassembled and cleaned if needed)
  • Comes with Bag, Sticker, velcro tie for top loop on pack (quick tie off)
  • Waterproof and cleanable (can be disassembled with no tools)
  • Ejectable/Replaceable Hook Tip
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Jeff Harris
    Very long reach

    So far I like it but I did have a problem with it de telescoping after it extended it was very difficult to unextend.basically gets stuck in extended position

    Garbage is higher quality

    I had two shipped out. The first had a piece that was too small and resulted in the entire thing falling out of the handle. The shop was amazing and sent a replacement the next day, which exceeded my expectations. However, I reached back out because after using the replacement two to three times, it broke when my cart tipped over and the because the Dryve stick is so long, it sticks out of the cart pocket, like it would in any disc golf bag, and the end cracked in two places, again, meaning the 2nd largest piece falls out of the handle again. This thing contains about 1% carbon fiber or less. It is not durable, nor is it stronger than anything else on the market. Get a Kwik Stick, as they're actually more durable than the plastic with a thin layer of carbon fiber spray on it that Dryve uses. It also does not work with the Max Distance Max Stick suction cup retriever, which is the best thing for disc golf since fairway drivers were created back in the day. The shop originally said that since I broke it, there was nothing they could do, but I reached out to ask if they could please do something, as this thing is GARBAGE...Nothing against the shop at all, as I understand where they are coming from, but I also would hope they stand behind their products a little more. I mean, they could easily call Dryve and ask for a refund from them too...

    Adam Stadler
    Great but not great

    My butt end cap came stripped had to glue it in so now systematic cleaning of telescopic pole will be dificult. I added a suction cup retriever end instead of the hook. I have another that has the hook and i sharpened the hook to a needle point and it works very well. Overall a great retriever but it takes finesse to fish some discs out.


    Order arrived as anticipated! Looks great and works great!

    Michael Lowe
    Love my Dryve retriever pole

    I like the extra length over competitive products and the small hook at the end does not get trapped in the tree compared to the one’s with a wide rake on the end. Only drawbacks are the cap is easily lost and it’s possible for the poles to jam inside the the tube.

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